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About Brain Injury

When you injure your brain, you injure the most important part of the body.

Your brain controls your ability to think, talk, move, and breathe. In addition to being responsible for your senses, emotions, memory, and personality, your brain allows every part of your body to function - even when you're sleeping.

Brain injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Persons with brain injury are infants, children, youth, young and middle-aged adults – including veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and older adults. There is no way to prepare for a brain injury; it is by definition a life altering event.

Brain Injury can affect your ability to:

  • Think and solve problems
  • Move your body and speak
  • Control your behavior, emotions, and reactions

Additional Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has statistical information on brain injury and strokes.