Unmasking Brain Injury

The Unmasking Brain Injury is a project that North Dakota Brain Injury Network launched in 2017. The purpose of this project is to not only create awareness for brain injury, but to also give the survivors a voice. The project allows individuals with brain injury to create an art mask to tell their story as a means to educate others of what it is like to live with a brain injury. It also gives brain injury survivors an outlet to show others that those living with this disability are like anyone else. By combining therapy, art, and advocacy, this project presents an entirely unique perspective on life with brain injury for survivors, caregivers, and professionals.

If you are interested in making a mask or holding an event at your location (facility, support group, community organization, school, or other location) call us at (855) 866-1884.

Upcoming Unmasking Brain Injury Events

The Masks & Their Stories

Unmasking Brain Injury is an international program that showcases masks and their stories, including those from North Dakota.