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Life After Brain Injury

Just as no two brains are alike, no two brain injuries are the same, either. As a result, each person living with a brain injury is affected in a different way.

North Dakota Brain Injury Network (NDBIN) has adopted a screening protocol and symptom inventory with the help of Mindsource. Survivors can contact NDBIN to get their personal symptom inventory set up with our staff.

Following completion of a symptom inventory, survivors are provided with tip sheets that match the brain injury symptoms they are experiencing.

Brain Injury Tip Sheets

There are two types of tip sheets: for survivors, and for professionals.

The tip sheets for survivors describe symptoms and provide accommodations for areas based on the symptom inventory, as well as some areas that all survivors seem to struggle with. Video recordings will be uploaded to match the tip sheets as they become available.

The tip sheets for professionals are intended for the survivor to share with professionals they work with, and family and friends.