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Identification Card

Brain injuries happen all the time. The amount of damage varies with each individual and each injury.

The brain controls your ability to think, talk, move, and breathe. In addition to being responsible for senses, emotions, memory, and personality, the brain allows every part of your body to function.

North Dakota residents who struggle with symptoms of a brain injury may request a brain injury identification (ID) card, free of charge, through the North Dakota Brain Injury Network. These cards can be shown to other people who may not be aware of your injury or symptoms.

Request an ID Card

NDBIN will then print your name and contact information on an ID card, laminate it, and mail it to you.

Information on Back of ID Card

Symptoms of a brain injury include:

  • Poor coordination, balance, or muscle control
  • Blurred speech, vision, or impaired hearing
  • Difficulty with attention, concentration, memory, or understanding
  • Difficulty controlling anger and/or aggressive behavior
  • Confusion, disorientation, dizziness
  • Difficulty processing and slow response time
  • Impatience, anxiety, or agitation
  • Seizures, headaches, or fatigue

I can best communicate in a calm, non-confrontational manner.