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Brain Injury Screening Events

Surprisingly, not everyone realizes they have a brain injury, even when the symptoms are chronic and impact their daily lives. The North Dakota Brain Injury Network (NDBIN) has a developed a user-friendly way to screen individuals. The screenings and consultations are free and on a walk-in basis.

Upcoming Screenings

Please check back for upcoming screening events.

Event Details

  • Brain injury screenings
  • Symptom inventory performed
  • Resource tip sheets handed out
  • General brain injury consultations
  • Free decks of NDBIN playing cards
  • Interact with others and play card games

Cautionary Note

Brain injury can be a chronic condition. It is often a multi-occurring condition with mental health, substance abuse, unemployment, corrections involvement, and homelessness. Screening for brain injury is a best practice for individuals served in health, community, and corrections services. It is not a diagnosis, but will tell you if it is worth pursuing a diagnosis.