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Delayed Processing Tip Sheet

Delayed processing is the brain's decreased/slowed ability to process information you hear, see, or think about.

Look for These Difficulties

  • Hard time keeping up with the pace of conversations
  • Difficulty following directions or missing steps
  • Prone to distractions or "zoning out"
  • Often feeling tired or mentally foggy
  • Viewed as unmotivated/slow moving
  • Misunderstood as uncooperative, or resistant due to slow responsiveness


  • Ask for extra time in groups or classes
  • Ask for meetings to be held in places free of distractions
  • To help you follow directions with a lot of steps, write the steps down and do one at a time
  • Write down tasks step by step
  • Ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand
  • Physical activity supports brain function; make sure to add exercise to your day

Advocate for your needs!