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Fatigue Tip Sheet for Professionals

Fatigue is a continual state of mental tiredness. Fatigue can occur after physical activity but most commonly after mental activity.

What Fatigue Can Look Like

  • Slurred/slowed speech, difficulty finding words, dull tone of voice, short answers
  • Poor concentration, balance, or coordination
  • Shortness of breath
  • Slower responses/movement
  • Irritability, anxiety, or crying episodes
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Lack of motivation and interest/loss of appetite/withdrawn


  • Help identify the first signs of fatigue/triggers
  • Make contingency plans for appointments
  • Organize routines around preferred times of day
  • Avoid fluorescent and/or dim lighting
  • Discuss medications side effects with prescriber
  • Assess for accommodations for daily activities (occupational therapist)


  • Use of assistive technology/mechanical aids
  • Avoidance of or limitation of alcohol use
  • Scheduled rest periods
  • Uncluttered home and work environments