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Memory Tip Sheet for Professionals

Memory is the brain's ability to retain previously experienced sensations, information, and ideas. Memory impairment is the inability to recall, organize, or process information.

Look for These Difficulties

  • Inconsistency with steps of tasks or daily activities
  • Difficulty recalling previously learned information
  • Difficulty learning new information/organizing several pieces of information
  • May appear inattentive, mentally foggy, forgetful
  • Lacking follow-through with activities or instructions


  • Suggest keeping important information and materials in a single location, such as a folder or calendar.
  • Provide important information in both verbal and written form or suggest the individual write things down.
  • Provide the individual with multiple reminders of important dates and tasks.
  • Encourage the use of alarms and reminders.
  • Encourage individual to complete tasks that challenge their memory, for example, memorizing new names.
  • Review information frequently and ask individuals to repeat back what they learned in their own words.
  • Schedule recurring appointments for the same day and time each week.