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Organization Tip Sheet

Organization is the ability to use your time, energy, or resources in a helpful way to finish goals or tasks.

Look for These Difficulties

  • Often late for appointments/misses important deadlines like paying bills and completing paperwork
  • Not taking medications correctly
  • Loses track of time or feeling unsure of what day it is
  • Trouble completing tasks that require multiple steps in a particular order (such as laundry or cooking)
  • Jumps from activity to activity without completion/gives up easily on tasks


  • Use a notebook, planner, or digital calendar and reminder apps for scheduling. Review weekly and monthly schedules frequently
  • Use a system of organization for tasks such as important events, bill due dates, and other deadlines
  • Set up a routine by asking that your regular appointments be scheduled on the same day and at the same time
  • To help switch between tasks, set a timer or use a watch to alert yourself when to get ready for your next task
  • Break tasks down into smaller, simpler steps and cross off each step as it is completed (in order of priority)
  • Keep all items you need to take with you such as wallet, purse, keys, phone in one spot in your home