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Organization Tip Sheet for Professionals

Organization is the ability to use time, energy, or resources in an effective way to achieve goals or complete tasks.

Look for These Difficulties

  • Often late for appointments/misses deadlines
  • Difficulty remembering scheduled tasks
  • Inconsistent medication management
  • Inability to track date and time
  • Challenges attending to one task at a time/completion


  • Suggest using a notebook, planner, or the use of a digital calendar or reminder apps on their phone or watch to manage their schedule
  • Review appointment dates and times with the individual at the end of each meeting
  • Schedule recurring appointments on the same day/at the same time
  • To help individuals transition between meetings or tasks, use a timer or give verbal warnings (for example, "you have five more minutes to get coffee before group starts")
  • Help break tasks down into smaller, simple, and realistic steps, and encourage them to cross off each step as it is completed