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Summer Safety

With summer approaching, the North Dakota Brain Injury Network wants to remind you of some safety tips to help prevent brain injuries.

Summer brings more travel and road trips. Make sure that all passengers in your vehicle are properly buckled up and are following correct protocols for their age: younger kids in the back seat, etc.
Staying hydrated is important in the summer and critical for survivors of brain injury. Hydration affects our brains as well as our bodies. The brain is made of primarily water so when our body gets dehydrated our brain does too.
Sports are popular in the summer, so make sure to wear a helmet.
Finally, water is fun in the summer. We want you to have fun in and near water, but be safe. Make sure to walk carefully on slippery surfaces, as the number one reason for brain injuries nationwide is falls. Wear life jackets, be aware of other boats around you when boating, always have a “spotter” when pulling someone behind a boat on skis or a tube, and know how deep the water is before diving in.

Summer is such a special time in North Dakota, make sure to enjoy it safely!